17th & 18th May 2014: Newark Air Museum
Signing In

Signing In

We will use the same system as for the previous reunion, ie a dedicated signing in area will be available in a marquee attached to the main hangar.

In the marquee will be 9 tables covering bases/squadrons/types, plus a families' table for relatives of former V Force personnel (refer to the table below).

At the first relevant table sign in and you will get a named ID tag with a coloured dot indicating you have served on/at that aircraft/base. This will cost you £2, and PLEASE have the correct money - we cant bring enough change to deal with a load of £5 and £10 notes!

If you served on/at other aircraft/bases then sign in at the other table[s] where you will get another coloured dot[free] to attach to your tag.

Because many ground personnel did not serve on squadrons as such, a dedicated table is available for them to sign in at, e.g. a corporal policeman based at Waddington and then Cottesmore will get one dot for Waddington, one dot for Cottesmore and one dot for Ground Personnel

Might seem complicated but it will give you more chance of meeting up with old friends - or making new ones!